Times Article and Mail Online Correction

On the 28th February 2018 LTU published the front page of The Times newspaper on the LTU Facebook and shared a series of links which were sources for an article we published.

The Times newspaper front page and a link to the Mail Online both had an error which we are happy to correct in the following statement:

On 28 February 2018 LTU shared an article that said John Murphy was jailed for a fraudulent conspiracy with his son-in-law. The truth is that Mr Murphy’s only son-in-law is Paul Lunt, a solicitor, who has an unblemished record. LTU accept that Mr Lunt has never been involved in criminal activity or imprisoned and acknowledge that the allegations made about Mr Lunt were totally unfounded, wrong and seriously defamatory.

LTU fully retracts what was published about Mr Lunt and unreservedly apologise to him and have agreed to pay him damages to be donated to charity.

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