Petition for public inquiry into Transport for London launched

Campaign for TfL Public Inquiry
LTU supports calls for a public inquiry into Transport for London, an organisation that is currently unaccountable Throughout the UK thousands of unregulated  Uber drivers have been improperly licensed by Transport for London and are operating illegally, putting the Public at risk. Customers personal security is compromised and road users ...
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Government Petition launched to stop out of town taxis

Taxi Campaigns
Something needs to be done to stop drivers and operators abusing out of town taxis loophole   Operators and drivers across England are abusing a “loophole” on mass.  This is where licensed taxis can work for a private hire operator outside of the area they are licensed.  Until 1831, when the London ...
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Taxi drivers protest after Rossendale Council tries to clampdown on ‘out of town’ taxis

Rossendale taxi demo August 2016
Taxi Regulation
Council moves to clampdown on poor standards: Rossendale Council has 2,523 taxis licensed in the town, but only a small number of these work in the area.   Three hundred taxi drivers blocked the road outside Rossendale council offices in protest against new proposals to reform taxi regulations in the town. ...
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Action Plan from the London Taxi Trade: Faster, Smarter, Greener #StayFareMayor

Back to Black - The London Taxi Trad Campaign
Industry Videos Taxi Campaigns
“Back to Black” video launched by the #StayFareMayor campaign to promote the London Black Cab trade   Today the London Taxi trade, 4 April 2016, have launched an action plan to guarantee a faster, smarter and greener future for London’s Black Cab trade. Leading players in the taxi industry have put their differences ...
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Taxi and private hire drivers are just as vulnerable as passengers

Picking up total strangers who can snap at a seconds notice leaves drivers in a vulnerable position.   The press, media, licensing officials and the police rightly highlight the risks passengers face when using unlicensed private hire vehicles or taxis. But it’s not only unlicensed cabs that pose a risk. For ...
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The Credit Card debate: Should taxis accept card payments?

Credit card companies charge the merchant to accept cards, but there are hidden charges and anger that taxi drivers may be forced to accept card payments   Credit Card Charges Explained The debate on credit and debit cards will always divide certain trades. I used to go to a respectable dentist ...
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All taxi drivers are scruffy tax dodgers!

Well at least that is what you would be forgiven for thinking if you read the tweets I have seen over the last few weeks   So what is the truth? Importantly, what can be done to change people’s perceptions of the licensed hackney trade? Firstly all taxi drivers are ...
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All hail Uber: Uber cannot continue to refuse to be held account for its service, partners and riders.

The industry is sick and tired of their concerns being ignored. What will it take for the powers-that-be to sit-up and take notice?   In this the 2nd part of my ‘All Hail Uber’ articles, I’d like to address further points not included in part one and also take the opportunity ...
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Heartfelt story from a Taxi driver trying to survive in London

Taxi Industry
I can’t believe the changes I am seeing, negative changes affecting our trade for the worse, Boris’s reign as Mayor has facilitated the majority of those changes   Ordinarily I would not do a straight cut & paste (with a little tidy up) from another website. Reproduced below is something ...
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A question of Insurance: Are London Hackney cabs under insured?

Taxi Insurance
Hackney cabs can end up picking anyone up when hailed, so how do they know they have the right level of cover in place   The UK has one of the worst records in Western Europe for uninsured driving with an estimated one in twenty cars on the road being ...
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