LTU Investigative Unit

LTU’s Investigative Unit fights on behalf of the trade and those that provide products and services to the passenger transport industry investigations unit is headed by a former intelligence officer, with a background specialising in complex criminal and fraud cases. Backed by dedicated individuals who bring a variety of specialist skills and knowledge to the team, LTU is the UK’s foremost specialist investigations unit for the private hire, minicab, chauffeur and limousine industry.

LTU’s business functions include an intelligence and investigations Team, who adopt the principles of the National Intelligence Model (NIM). NIM is a business model used by law enforcement agencies, and increasingly by other intelligence-focused partners, to ensure the effective and efficient collection, recording, analysis, dissemination and retention of information. This enables LTU to prioritise the investigation of not just licensing issues, but increasingly fraud and insurance irregularities and allocate the resources to deal with them accordingly.

Information coming into LTU is processed and cross-referenced with existing data. It may be subject to further research and analysis, before being used internally or disseminated to relevant parties such as government agencies and national associations.

A key focus of our intelligence work is to promote and engage in inter-agency information sharing. Gathering data requires a methodical approach and subsequently, sifting through the swathes of material and identifying pieces of evidence requires a high degree of knowledge and skilful judgement. We are experts and pride ourselves on not missing anything. We work within the strict confines of the law and will never compromise our or your integrity

We believe that LTU has the ability to bring to the table a team whose experience and knowledge of the trade is unrivalled. With legal experts that have decades of knowledge between them we are able to investigate cases whilst obtaining constant legal advice on cases we undertake. Currently, we are working with a number of agencies and interested third parties on active cases where alleged fraud has been reported to us directly by whistleblowers.  LTU’s investigations unit are able to disseminate evidence or information disclosed to us to ascertain the credibility of any allegations. Once a case has gone through a preliminary investigation it is reviewed by our board and a decision is taken as to whether a full investigation should be started or further evidence is needed.

Our team has been able to infiltrate organisations under investigation, obtaining credible evidence to support civil or criminal proceedings. In fact, our team has built up a network of sources throughout the UK, who in turn supply intelligence and compelling evidence to our investigators. We are also able to work closely with whistleblowers throughout our investigations, helping to obtain regular intelligence on fraudulent or criminal activities.

Due to the complexity of the cases we undertake, cases can be active for a number of years before charges are brought against an organisation or individuals. We always take a proactive approach and consider the wider public interest during active investigations. For example, we have approached some of the UK’s biggest lenders, financial institutions, insurers and corporations to advise not only of the risk to their brand, but also the potential danger to the wider public.

Due to the compelling evidence we obtain and the respect we have gained from the industry we have succeeded in cutting off funding, blocking the ability to access new assets and disrupting criminal or fraudulent activities. But we don’t just work in the background, we are also successful in helping bringing criminal cases to trial. One such case involves Emirates Airline UK preferred chauffeur service, PCS Chauffeurs who are accused along with seven individuals of being behind a significant car clocking ring. These charges, part of a much wider investigation, will see both the chauffeur company and seven individuals stand trial at Crown Court in January 2017, in a case expected to last several weeks.

LTU’s, head of Investigations Unit, says: “We have worked tirelessly to investigate cases of fraud and criminality within the passenger transport industry since January 2010. Taking a proactive approach using undercover investigators, covert surveillance and working closely with insiders, sources and informants we are able to gather intelligence not normally available to other organisations, due in part to the trust we have built with our network of sources.

“Our investigations have already started to be featured in the national press and media helping to raise awareness to a wider audience of the risks and dangers posed to businesses and the public by unscrupulous operators and drivers. Shockingly, we have found in all cases we are investigating that employees, specifically drivers play a crucial role in facilitating fraudulent or criminal activities by knowingly turning a blind eye.

“We will not tolerate anybody turning a blind eye to crime and continue to build cases against a significant number of individuals as well as companies. I strongly recommend that if you have any concerns that you report it to the relevant authorities or you can contact my team in strict confidence. Turning a blind eye has to stop and for those that are happy to be complicit at best risk losing their ability to work in the trade, or worse losing their freedom.”