Road safety campaign group, RoSPA awards Tristar Worldwide with fleet safety award

Tristar and Rospa Award

Tristar Worldwide, announced as winner of the country’s most prestigious Fleet Safety Technology Trophy by road safety charity, RoSPA


RoSPA, the road safety campaign charity has revealed that Tristar Worldwide has picked up the Fleet Safety Technology Trophy, as part of the 60th RoSPA Health and Safety Awards. Tristar, the UK’s biggest chauffeur company and now part of minicab giant Addison Lee, provide a number of blue-chip clients with a modern fleet of chauffeur driven vehicles.

The chauffeur company said on being nominated for the award: “Responsibility for minimising road risk begins with our Group CEO, board of directors, and dedicated and experienced Fleet Management team. Their commitment to raising road safety standards is reflected in our continual investment in comprehensive training schemes and innovative fleet technology.

“We invest a lot of time, money and effort in training our chauffeurs to be safer on the road as well as investing in technology to enhance our chauffeur, passenger and other road user’s safety. Additionally, vehicles in our UK fleet are on average, under 11 months old, and have a 5* NCAP rating.”

The shortlisted companies for the award must show that they have safeguards and processes in place to ensure not only vehicles are safe, but also training to protect employees who drive for a living. Tristar maintain their fleet in-house by a dedicated fleet team and maintained to manufacturer standards by a franchise dealer’s technician, trained specifically to work on the models in our fleet.

Before starting a shift, every chauffeur must run through a pre-journey safety inspection and complete a checklist of maintenance points on their PDA before they can start work. Without confirming the roadworthiness of their vehicle, they will not be able to set out on their journey.

As soon as the vehicle is switched on, our forward-facing in-car cameras spring into action – all vehicles on Tristar’s fleet are fitted with them. These cameras track the chauffeur’s location, speed, acceleration, and braking force, and footage from these cameras gives the company the ability to monitor behaviours on the road, plus the ability to use video to identify and enhance training using real life examples.

Fleet Management will be alerted if chauffeurs are using excessive speed, veering between lanes, manoeuvring unsafely, or otherwise behaving outside the set parameters, enabling ongoing training and management of drivers and road risk. But cameras also help protect drivers and companies from false insurance claims which can be time consuming and costly for companies.

Mr Kozlowski, fleet manager at Tristar, said: “Tristar Worldwide has a fleet of 415 cars, and has faced such spurious claims on several occasions. The problem is that our vehicles are quite recognisable; they have got a private hire license on display. If someone wants to commit fraud they know that our vehicles will be insured. We are more likely to be targeted than a normal member of the public.”

But Tristar has been able to quickly squash fraudulent claims after fitting forward-facing cameras to its fleet in 2014. The cameras have led to a 50% drop in disputed claims and saved Tristar an  estimated £60,000-100,000, based on the cost of previous claims. In addition, it means that Tristar does not have to pay legal fees or have a driver absent from work to attend court.

“We have managed to win quite a few claims on the basis of the footage whereas before we may have paid out,” says Kozlowski. “It gives our drivers a sense of security. They know that if an incident occurs it will be really easy to establish what happened and we can refute all sorts of allegations.”

Middlesex-based Tristar Worldwide was announced the winner of the Fleet Safety Technology Trophy, sponsored by Tesco, which recognises an organisation’s commitment to using the latest technology to keep those who drive for work safe from harm – from “black box” telematics to e-learning and social media. Tristar was presented with the prestigious Fleet Safety Technology Trophy at a ceremony at London’s ExCeL on Tuesday, June 21.

Kevin Clinton said: “Tristar Chauffeurs has evidenced an excellent, comprehensive system for the management of its fleet and occupational road risk. This is being carried out by a very committed leadership, who place a strong emphasis on ensuring completion of systems and procedures.

“Their commitment to using technology to improve safety within their fleet can be seen in many ways, such as the addition of autonomous braking to their vehicle ordering specification, to further reduce the likelihood of low-speed accidents in busy city traffic.”

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