Procurement Management

LTU brings a unique expertise to the procurement process when offering tenders for private hire, minicab and chauffeur services (LTU), is the UK’s leading experts on the passenger transport industry. Our unique approach enables us to offer clients a multi-level approach to the procurement process – education, training, investigations and ongoing assessments of transport suppliers., works with clients across the UK, including businesses and high profile individuals who want to ensure that the service they are using is licensed, as well as acting in accordance with UK laws. LTU are not here to damage or destroy businesses reputations, we are an organisation determined to help businesses take a proactive approach to procurement.

Our role shouldn’t stop once a contract is awarded. LTU can provide ongoing expert advise to assist and educate with legislation, audits and health and safety throughout a contracts life. Every day reputable businesses across the UK uses an illegal passenger transport service for their employees and visitors.

From research conducted by, even the most health and safety conscience businesses can fail to carry out the correct due-diligence when procuring taxis, private hire, chauffeurs and limousines. These checks are vital to ensuring contracts are being serviced correctly and legally.


Operators licence

If a company doesn’t have the correct operator licence they will be unable to provide a passenger transport service in the UK. This law also applies to ground transportation companies who don’t operate a fleet, but handle bookings on behalf of clients and then subcontract transfers to third parties.

Companies providing ground transportation services have to be based and licensed in London to subcontract due to a legal restriction in the law governing private hire vehicles across the rest of England and Wales. – The law changed in October 2015, where companies licensed under the Local Government Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1976.

Vehicle Licence

Using a company whose vehicles are not licensed is not only illegal, but they also pose serious risks to the user. An unlicensed vehicle will not have undergone any independent safety checks within the first three years of its vehicles’ life. enable the company to run vehicles which are not safety checked.

Therefore, a vehicle under 3 years old could have travelled hundreds of thousands of miles without ever being independently checked, including not having an MOT. Using an operator without licensed vehicles should be avoided at all times

Drivers Licenses

The industry has a name for unlicensed drivers: ‘the rapists charter’. Licensed drivers are a fundamental principle of the taxi and private hire licensing laws. These checks include medicals, driving standard checks, criminal record background checks to ensure a driver isn’t hiding any serious criminal or medical histories.

Also, an unlicensed driver can operate with fear of retribution because he or she is unregulated and doesn’t have to answer to any regulator. The licensing of drivers are there to protect passengers and without these checks you run the risk of employing a service which could pose a real risk to the safety and security of your employees and clients.

Clients should be aware that Scotland has been classified “high risk” by LTU’s investigation unit due to the poor regulation by councils and the abuse of exemptions which are used incorrectly on mass by those operating within the chauffeur industry. You should be aware the vast majority of chauffeur services in Scotland have not undergone any safety check on both their vehicle or drivers.

Maintenance Records

Audit services of passenger transport suppliers should target specific areas within the business which help determine the legality of a service provider or raise alarms of illegal or criminal activities. Our experts have included key checks on an audit, including mileage and maintenance records checks. By carrying out these checks discrepancies can be found and highlight if vehicles are being maintained on a regular basis.

LTU can provide a team of experts to help conduct audits or to create systems to ensure that an audit is fulfilling its purpose. During our own aduits of passenger transport companies we have found vehicles in a shocking state of repair, with a significant number of vehicles failing to be even road worthy.

Random Checks

LTU can provide an ongoing support to clients, including conducting random checks on operators, vehicles and drivers. Clients should always be proactive when contracts are being serviced and maintain the safeguards and checks to ensure the safety and security of your employees and visitors.

Our team can provide your procurement departments with the necessary ongoing training and expert advice throughout the tender process thou to the servicing of the contract.