LTU Hacked – Update

On Thursday, 12 January, 2017 between 11:00 am and 12:00pm a file was uploaded to our website, giving an unknown third party access to our site.

LTU was then accessed remotely on Friday, 13, January 2017 between the hours of 18:00hrs to 21:30hrs which then proceeded to lock out our admins.  We believe tampering did occur and once we were made aware of both the hack and tampering we set about trying to regain access and to rectify the said tampering.

On Saturday we were able to fully access our site and then able to detect the offending file, a php file which our hosting company also alerted us to.  We, along with our server providers were then able to have the offending file deleted.

LTU would like to point out that we tried to rectify this hack as soon as was practically possible.

To ensure that none of our readers, registered users or contributors are affected further we ask that no links that you don’t know are clicked. It is clear that this was a deliberate and targeted attack and we apologies for any inconvenience.

On behalf of the team at LTU we hope this matter is rectified, but if you are made aware of any further issues please urgently contact us.

If you receive any unsolicited emails from LTU or any of it contributors or admins please take precautions.


On behalf of the LTU Team we appreciate you taking the time to read this alert.


UPDATED: 16/01/2017
Due to the seriousness of the recent hack on LTU, we have now encrypted our site using an SSL certificate.

Also, we have now had an independent scan of the site and added further protection.


LTU Site Lock

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