Limousine operator disqualified for 12 months on safety grounds

Limousine company banned from running vehicles for 12 months for running defected vehicles, endangering the public and other road users


A Tenby limousine operator has been disqualified from running vehicles for 12 months after the Traffic Commissioner for Wales, Nick Jones heard how the firm had prohibited defective vehicles, one of which was safety critical.

Stephen Williams, who operated from Heywood Lane in Tenby, also lost his operator’s licence following a public inquiry at Cardiff Magistrates’ Court last month. The decision means that Mr Williams, who did not attend the hearing, can no longer operate public service vehicles or apply for a licence to run them.

During the inquiry, Welsh Traffic Commissioner Nick Jones heard how vehicles were not given routine safety inspections on time and there was no evidence of drivers carrying out daily defect checks before using vehicles. Mr Williams had failed to download and carry out checks of the work his drivers were doing – to see if they were taking the necessary rests and not driving beyond their hours.

Examiners from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) were also concerned about connections between Mr Williams and Daniel Rosemeyer, a limousine broker from the South Wales area who had appeared before the Traffic Commissioner previously. Mr Rosemeyer was the first individual to have a limousine impounded when the powers were introduced and also had his licence to drive passenger carrying vehicles revoked by the Traffic Commissioner.

Mr Williams admitted to examiners that he had set up a business, Yes Limos Ltd, with Daniel Rosemeyer but said they had abandoned their plans to trade. Mr Williams also noted that he had sold his limousines and intended to run minibuses.

In a written decision issued after the hearing, the Traffic Commissioner said concerns about the lack of control Mr Williams had over his operation – exacerbated by the involvement of Daniel Rosemeyer – was justified.

He added: “I remind myself that the operator has ceded control to a broker and has not run a safe compliant business, his actions speak louder than words and I do not trust him to be compliant. The business deserves to close.”

Mr Jones also remarked on the impact this type of operator has on the industry, noting that while there are good compliant PSV operators, unfortunately they suffer a significant competitive disadvantage when rivals fail to comply with the rules.

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