Leytonstone tube attacker was an UBER driver; with history of drug abuse and mental health issues

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Mohamed Mire the brother of Muhaydin Mire the man accused of the tube knife attack has told Channel 4 News John Snow of his sibling’s history of drug taking and mental health issues. His concerns were such that he had bought his brother a ticket to fly home to Somalia at the weekend.

Even though this man had a history of mental health issues dating back to 2007 when he was first admitted to hospital, even though this man had a history of drug abuse, he was still judged to be a fit and proper person to drive a minicab and was licensed to do so by TfL.

Muhaydin’s brother told Channel 4 News that before this incident occurred his brother was “working as an Uber driver”.” He was doing a good job.”

“He had drugs influenced on him. Just cannabis. It gave him mental problem. Bit paranoia. He was diagnosed by doctors and treated in 2007 for paranoia.

“He had mental issues. Mental problem. He was in hospital for three months in 2007.

Mohamed told Jon Snow how he came out of hospital and “got a bit better. “He was working as an Uber driver and then he got back into the same thing and went a bit crazy. He started calling me and talking funny, funny. “That started in August of this year. He started calling me up and saying odd things. “Not radical, it’s a bit like jumping around talking nonsense and sort of like talking saying he’s seeing demons and stuff, people following him. Bit of paranoia.

‘Tried to get help’




“I explained to the family the situation. They were aware of it. We tried to get him help. We tried to call the local authority, they could not help him because they said he’s no harm to people and he’s no harm to himself.

“I talked to the police and they came and looked at him and that was the 22nd October.

“And then I decided to move him out the country. I decided to book a ticket for him on this Sunday. He was okay as far as I know. He wanted to go.

Given that TfL are currently issuing just over 1,000 licenses a month and have been for the last 18 months is it any wonder that the likes of Mire have surfaced? How many more like him are out there? How did he pass a medical?

What we do know from our dealings with TfL over the past 16 months is they have not got a clue who they are licensing; it’s purely a numbers game with them, more licenses issued = more revenue and hang the consequences.

In the unlikely event anyone at TfL takes any notice of this accusation you are more than welcome to a right of reply.

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