JUSTSPLYT, there is something that doesn’t smell right

Another name that will shortly be entering the private hire ride sharing app market aimed at London’s ever burgeoning app market


So who is behind it and where are they? Well good luck with finding an address on their website, there isn’t one. I always think it is highly suspicious that a company marketing itself to the public is reticent about providing a contact number and address.

It is a fact, that it is UK law for most companies to disclose their contact details on their website. According to the Companies Act, January 1, 2007, and Business Names Act 1985 a UK company should list its physical and registered office addresses. For sole traders and partnerships what is required is an address (P.O Box not allowed) in the UK under the business name where any documentation relating to the business can be served.

So it is not acceptable just to include a contact form on a web site but must also incorporate a geographical address somewhere easily visible to the viewers, as well as the inclusion of company registration number, and if registered, a VAT number.

These laws relate to businesses located in the U.K, not the location of the website server. Are JustSplyt in the UK? Well in a tweet dated the 2nd January 2015 they claim “We’re based around Marble Arch” bit vague you might think, but I think that confirms they are in the Capital.

Save you trying to hunt them down they are at Marble Arch Tower, 55 Bryanston Street, London W1H 7AA, Room 606 to be precise, which are marketed as Serviced Office Space & Meeting Rooms. Perhaps not a permanent address then? I say this because they were at 68 Lombard Street, EC3V 9LJ another serviced office space.

The people behind it are Yulia Dankova and Philipp Mintchin a 22 year old native of Germany; they are the same people behind the now apparently defunct minicab sharing app cab2grab. Whatever happened to cab2grab? They seemed to be marketed the same.

I have read that JustSplyt welcome prospective drivers with the phrase “please don’t wait in the cold, step inside and head up to the first floor and wait on one of our dozen comfy sofas.” Not sure how that works when you consider they are on the 6th floor, perhaps it’s a work around to appease the planning department at Westminster Council because they (Splyt) have told them that there will be no visiting members of the public or mini cab drivers.

Westminster Council have granted JustSplyt permission to operate a mini cab office from room 606, however they have said if customers or drivers start visiting the site, it will constitute a breach of planning control and formal enforcement action will be take. No doubt an operator’s licence issued by TfL will follow soon?

The JustSplyt app has been developed by a company called Gis- Global Innovative Solutions Ltd no doubt assisted by Apppli Ltd. Gis are based at Unit 23 Canalot Studios, 222 Kensall Road, London, W10 5BN. Currently Mr.Mintchin is the only named director of that company. Apppli are an award winning mobile strategy and development firm and are on the 7th Floor 33 Cavendish Square, London, W10 0PW, I know that because it says so on their website.

We are promised many exciting initiatives to keep the momentum which will build SPLYT in to the first choice for great value rideshares throughout London.
Let’s see, time will tell.

Secret Squirrel,
Up a Tree
In a forest
In Lancashire.
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