JustSplyt brought to justice.

Back in April I did a piece about JustSplyt which you can read here

I asked the question; No doubt an operator’s licence issued by TfL will follow soon? Well it seems there wasn’t because the good people at JustSplyt did not bother applying for one;

We passed our concerns on to TfL.

Transport for London (TfL) has taken enforcement activity against them for operating illegally without a private hire licence.

It has successfully prosecuted Splyt Technologies Ltd for breaching the requirement for a London private hire operator’s licence.

Splyt, which offered private hire journeys through an app, launched their service in April this year without an operator’s licence.  TfL believed this to be in breach of legislation and Splyt ceased their operation following correspondence. Earlier last week, Splyt pleaded guilty to the charge.

Splyt were fined £1,750 at Westminster Magistrates’ Court, as well as being ordered to pay TfL’s claimed costs in full, a further £5,217.50.

The District Judge remarked that it had been a complex case, and that there had been extensive correspondence between TfL and Splyt to try to resolve the matter.

Garrett Emmerson, TfL’s Chief Operating Officer for Surface Transport, said: “This is a very positive result, and one that shows our commitment to tackling illegality in the private hire trade in order to protect the rights of the legitimate private hire and taxi trades in London.

“We will continue to bear down on illegal activity of this kind, and as this result shows we will take action through the courts if necessary.”

Shame TfL are still dragging their feet over the other case we have referred to them!!

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