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Thank you for your interest in writing for, or contributing to We always welcome contributions by the trade because nobody else is better positioned to understand the problems faced every day by the taxi, private hire, minicab and chauffeur industry.

Life would be simple if legitimate drivers and operators could run their businesses without constantly fighting an uphill battle for a fair level playing field. With the taxi industry under attack, poor regulations, dismal enforcement records by licensing authorities and TfL being accused as not being fit for purpose, the issues faced by the trade are sadly not going to improve any time soon. wants to hear from the trade in their fight to improve the industry, not only for themselves but the public and businesses who use taxis, minicabs and chauffeurs. You’re the experts and have the knowledge and experience to help us create informative and engaging content to help raise awareness and educate the wider public, media and press.

We aim to unite the trade to help us lobby local and national government to make the trades voice heard. Unlike our peers, doesn’t just cover the news – we create it. Our investigations and intelligence unit is the UK’s leading team dedicated to uncovering corruption, crime, illegal practices and failures by those charged with regulating the industry.

Our team also includes journalists who have experience investigating complex consumer and criminal cases – who in turn are supported by our network of sources. We also work closely with trade associations and the national press and media to expose our investigations to the wider public.


What we are looking for from the trade…

We appreciates that the trade is facing difficult problems and time can be very restrictive when working within the trade, but we cannot do this alone. is seeking fact-based analysis of news from the industry, specifically articles covering taxis, private hire, minicabs and chauffeurs.

We are also looking for insightful opinion pieces – on the front line, reviews of vehicles, latest technology, reader’s views, court cases, regulation and videos. We also welcome established businesses and drivers sharing their experience to new drivers or companies who are considering entering the trade. Finally, we offer the trade the opportunity to interact via our Q&A section and by completing our industry research questionnaires.


What we are looking for from businesses supplying the trade…

Businesses supply the passenger transport industry with vital products and services. The industry cannot survive or thrive if certain products and services were not made available to the industry and if you are one of these businesses you play an important role in the industry’s success. provides suppliers with a unique platform to engage with the trade – rather than just publishing an advert in a magazine. By taking a proactive approach you can not only help start debates, but also gain an important insight about the problems faced today by the trade.

Suppliers and businesses can receive important feedback from the trade which could result in your products or services being designed or improved to meet the demands and needs of the passenger transport industry. We would also welcome informative and engaging contents from businesses that the trade may not normally consider. The vast majority of the trade are self-employed and would benefit from insurers or financial institutions who provide protection insurance, pensions or mortgages.


How to get involved and submitting your article…

If would like to contribute to you can either use the form below or contact us to discuss further with our team on how you would like to help contribute to LTU.

We read and appreciate every article we receive and will make sure we reply to every contribution made. Whether your article submission has been accepted or not, we will respond to you within 7 days. By submitting content to you acknowledge that you accept our terms and conditions and any form of editing the editorial team may deem necessary.

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