Car Clocking Crisis! Industry less than impressed, but not shocked

LTU Investigative Unit

Investigative Journalist, Chris Hargreaves exposes car clocking in the private hire and chauffeur industry


Car clocking has reached epidemic proportions in the passenger transport industry, with councils and regulators struggling to tackle the issue. Whilst some councils are proactive as more criminal investigations are started, most including TfL still refuse to either accept there is a problem or address the dangers posed to the public.

Whilst there continues to be a fragmented approach, or a ‘stick my head in the sand and hope it goes away attitude’, the public continues to be at risk.

Below is an article written by Mr Hargreaves for the Private Hire and Taxi Monthly, July addition. The article has led to some feedback from both the trade and licensing officials. Clocking is illegal and any operator or driver who is actively involved should be taken outside and…. expelled from the industry for life.




Originally published in the Private Hire and Taxi Monthly Magazine – July 2016.


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