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Reporter for Licensed Transport Uncovered covering taxis, private hire and chauffeur news. Always got an ear to the ground listening out for the next scoop.... If you have concerns about an unlicensed company, safety concerns, regulation, enforcement, or lack of please contact me.

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A law student who took speeding penalty points for her private hire driver husband avoids jail

Private Hire News
Addison Lee driver claimed his wife was driving his vehicle to avoid speeding points, but minicab company confirmed to police he was at work driving vehicle Today, 15th December, Shazad Naz, 38, and his wife Nabeela Khan, 37, were lucky to escape prison after they both defrauded the police by lying over a speeding ...
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Uber driver accused of rape in New Delhi, results in government banning Uber

Uber vehicle-Shiv Kumar Yadav-rape-case
Uber Legal
The New Delhi city government bans Uber after one of its cab drivers is accused of raping a 25-year-old female passenger   The Transport Department has banned all activities relating to providing any transport service by Uber with immediate effect, after one of its drivers appeared in court on suspicion of ...
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Licensed Transport Uncovered to change the industry

The industry needs to unite and stand together to hold to account those who should be regulating the industry and protecting the public   Passenger transportation regulation should be simple to understand and implement. Sadly, any taxi, private hire, chauffeur operator or driver will tell you that there is no ...
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Riding Dirty: How Uber Takes Drivers and Passengers for a Ride

Vonetta Logan Uber Uncovered
Uber Videos
Nailed It!, with Vonetta Logan explains how Uber works. Uber’s $18 billion valuation is all the buzz in the world of tech startups and transportation, but is there something more sinister going on underneath the hood? The reason this disruptive tech startup can double revenue every six months will shock ...
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West Lindsey taxi driver accused of sexual assault has licence revoked whilst he awaits trial

West Lindsey District Council
Manchester Council raised concerns that a driver  was still able to work and ply for hire illegally in West Lindsey jurisdiction   Minutes from a Taxi and Private Hire Licensing Sub Committee, which was held in private, considered the status of a taxi driver who awaiting a prosecution for sexual assault by ...
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Tristar lose prestigious Emirates Airline contract to PCS Chauffeurs

Chauffeur News
Manchester based PCS Chauffeurs wins lucrative Emirates Airline contract after airline jettisons Tristar Worldwide   One of the UK’s largest chauffeur companies, Tristar Worldwide has lost out on the multi-million pound Emirates Airline contract to Manchester based PCS Chauffeurs. Tristar which helped pioneer the chauffeur service for airlines in the UK, thanks to their ...
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