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Dudley Council to impliment new driving tests to all taxi and private hire drivers

Dudley Council
Council News
Council moves quickly to replace DVSA tests which were cancelled last year, 2016   The tests will replace the former Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) assessment tests, which used to be compulsory for new taxi drivers but are longer being run nationally. The new assessments will follow the same ...
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Prosecution says ‘that it is a reasonable assumption that vehicles didn’t go to MoT test centre’

PCS Chauffeur Vehicle
Car Clocking Trial
Simon Williams allegedly provided ’40 bogus certificates’ to create mileage history Prosecution explains how Mercedes systems shows  mileage history   During the second day of his opening statement, Richard Pratt, QC for the prosecution told the jury that the lead trading standards investigator, Andrew Jackson would give detailed evidence of 20 vehicles from 110 cars ...
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Addison Lee continues on its global expansion, with latest takeover

Addison Lee
Private Hire News
Addison Lee positions itself as the largest provider of managed ground transport services in the world   US based executive car service Flyte Tyme already operates over 17,000 vehicles in the United States which will strongly complement Addison Lee’s existing services. By combining Flyte Tyme’s North American presence with Tristar’s ...
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Government Petition launched to stop out of town taxis

Taxi Campaigns
Something needs to be done to stop drivers and operators abusing out of town taxis loophole   Operators and drivers across England are abusing a “loophole” on mass.  This is where licensed taxis can work for a private hire operator outside of the area they are licensed.  Until 1831, when the London ...
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Could convicted cabbie rapist have been prevented from raping passenger?

Yassar Murat Ayuc
  What does Liverpool licensing deem to be ‘fit and proper’ for taxi and private hire drivers?   Yassar Murat Ayuc, 49, formerly of County Road in Walton, was convicted of raping a woman after driving her to a secluded spot near The Refreshment Rooms pub on June 5 2016. ...
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Computer glitch leaves Uber drivers without pay

Uber Pay
UK Uber drivers hit in the pocket by computer glitch that left hundreds of drivers without their wages   Hundreds of Uber drivers have not been paid during a week in November and were told they would have to wait until the next week to get their earnings. According to ...
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80 per cent of cabbies charged up over electric taxis

Electric Taxi
Car Reviews
The switch to electrically driven or ultra-low emission taxis due in 2017, could lead to a dramatic improvement in London’s air quality.   A new survey conducted by the black cab manufacturer, the London Taxi Company (LTC), shows that 80 percent of London taxi drivers are either “interested” or “very ...
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Londoners don’t feel safe in late night minicabs, according to new research

London minicabs rape
Industry Videos Private Hire News
The public feel at risk in minicabs in London late at night and are not sure they will arrive home safely   One in four Londoners fear they will not make it home safely in a minicab in the early hours of the morning, new research suggests. A quarter of ...
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Even the Swiss aren’t neutral on Uber! Switzerland concludes Uber is employer

Uber Switzerland
Uber Legal
In Switzerland, Uber is an employer like any other and cannot escape its employer-employee obligations   In terms of labour law, there is an employer-employee relationship between Uber and its drivers, resulting in the online platform not being able to escape its employer obligations, including social security contributions, according to a legal opinion. ...
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Uber Financials: Uber loses at Least $1.2 billion in the first half of 2016

Uber Uber Videos
Uber financial situation is revealed as it continues to haemorrhage cash at an alarming rate with losses of £1.2 billion in 6 months   Uber, the world’s most valuable minicab firm, valued at an estimated $69 billion continues to make substantial losses around the world, according to Bloomberg’s Eric Newcomer. It may even ...
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