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Reporter for Licensed Transport Uncovered covering taxis, private hire and chauffeur news. Always got an ear to the ground listening out for the next scoop.... If you have concerns about an unlicensed company, safety concerns, regulation, enforcement, or lack of please contact me.

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PCS Chauffeurs car clocking victim told by “Emirates Chauffeur” his car was clocked

Fraud Prevention
Car Clocking
Chauffeur who told victim his car was clocked, claimed all cars are clocked   Car clocking in the UK is a growing problem according to industry experts, HPI, a leading vehicle checking service. The estimated annual cost is around £800 million pounds a year, £2.4 billion in the last three ...
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John Murphy ran an industrial clocking scam whilst running UK’s biggest unlicensed chauffeur company

PCS Chauffeurs - Emirates
Chauffeur News
Hundreds of thousands of passengers driven in clocked unlicensed vehicles   John Murphy, 66, is believed to be the UK’s most prolific odometer fraudster. Prosecuted for removing at least 7.5 million miles but the true figure could be at least 50 million miles from vehicles under his control, according to ...
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Chauffeur company which ran a professional clocking scam is convicted of fraud

Laurie Berryman, Emirates Vice President (centre right) and John Murphy (centre left) owner of Emirates UK chauffeur service, PCS Chauffeurs
Car Clocking Trial
Jury takes just 10 minutes to convict PCS Events Ltd of conspiracy to defraud in multi-million mile car clocking scam   Yesterday, 21 November 2017, a jury convicted Runcorn based PCS Events Limited – which trades under the names PCS and PCS Chauffeurs – of fraud. The court heard how ...
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Judge less than impressed with deal giving Uber drivers $1 each

Uber drivers working for peanuts
Uber Legal
Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Maren Nelson issued a tentative ruling rejecting a deal   A judge has been failed to be convinced by Uber Technologies Inc to approve a settlement offering 1.6 million California drivers an average of $1.08 each to dispense with alleged labor-code violations that their lawyer ...
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Regulation of private hire industry being undermined by Transport for London

Transport for London
Massive spike in the number of Sheffield drivers travelling to London to obtain taxi licenses has sparked further concern over regulations   Figures supplied to the Sheffield newspaper, The Star by the GMB union show in the last six months – the number of drivers with a Sheffield postcode that ...
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Convictions in 7.5 million mile car clocking conspiracy case

Car Clocking
Car Clocking Trial
Individuals responsible for car clocking offences amounting to more than seven million miles have been successfully prosecuted   John Murphy, 67, from Conwy; Paul Arslanian, 38, from Conwy; Christopher Graham Lunt, 39, of Long Lane, Chester; Trevor Gareth Jones, 58, from Colwyn Bay, and Simon Richard Williams, 49, Fluin Lane, ...
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Taxi and Chauffeur industry is going to be hit hard by new road tax rules

New VED car tax rates 2017
Car Reviews
New rules from the DVLA applied to all new cars from 1st April 2017 will cost passenger transport industry millions   The government’s decision to change the road tax system in the UK will hit the passenger transport industry, specifically those purchasing or leasing vehicles that cost over £40,000. These ...
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Defence cross examines Trading Standards Officer

Car Clocking Trial
Today, 26 January 2017, at Chester Crown Court, the defence cross examined Andrew Jackson, Lead Trading Standards Officer. First, a number of statements were read to the court, including the transcript of an interview with Mr Simon Williams. In February, 2014, Mr Williams was interviewed by Mr Jackson. Mr Williams ...
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Defence cross examine Trading Standards lead investigator, Mr Jackson

LTU Investigative Unit
Car Clocking Trial
As the prosecution case comes to a close, Mr Rogers, Defence Counsel for Mr Trevor Jones cross examined Mr Jackson, lead investigator for Trading Standards. Today, Wednesday, 25, January, Mr Rogers, at Chester Crown Court went through a series of documents which either had or didn’t have Mr Jones “distinct” ...
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Dudley Council to impliment new driving tests to all taxi and private hire drivers

Dudley Council
Council News
Council moves quickly to replace DVSA tests which were cancelled last year, 2016   The tests will replace the former Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) assessment tests, which used to be compulsory for new taxi drivers but are longer being run nationally. The new assessments will follow the same ...
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