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No-one serves the passenger transport industry like, leading to us being one of the most trusted and respected publications in the UK, thanks in part to our proactive and investigative approach.

The taxi and private hire industry is undergoing record growth in England – with the total number of licensed taxi and private hire vehicles in England increasing by 9.3% to 242,200 between 2013 and 2015. This was the highest number of licensed vehicles since comparable records were first collected in 2005 – when including statistics from Wales the number of licensed taxis and private hire vehicles England and Wales is in excess of 300,000.

  • 69% of all licensed vehicles in England were private hire vehicles
  • licensed taxis and private hire vehicles in London accounted for 35% of all licensed transport vehicles
  • there were 297,600 driver licences in England
  • an estimated 58% of licensed taxis were wheelchair accessible, this was 100% of taxis in London


Founded on principles to bring change within the industry we succeed through education and awareness campaigns. We work closely with the trade and their suppliers to make the taxi, private hire, minicab and chauffeur industry safer for consumers and businesses.

We are aware that there are established publications for the passenger transport industry, but LTU is unique in our approach. We provide informative articles, features, research and investigations for both the trade and consumer, making Licensed Transport Uncovered the UK’s leading publication.

The team behind LTU have been working behind the scenes for six years, building a large network throughout the UK. Since our inception in 2014, the LTU team has worked tirelessly with third parties closely linked to the industry to protect the trade and consumers.

Our website and team continue to build on our reputation and we are becoming the place to go for advice, education or help with investigations. Our campaigning and cases are taken seriously by government authorities and agencies, with suppliers to the trade taking notice of our goals.

Licensed Transport Uncovered is a UK-based website, with the vast majority of our readers being from the trade, or UK based consumers. Our website has hits from around the world, including Germany, France, America, Australia and China. We expect our visitors to grow significantly from January 2017, as we expand to a global audience.

Due to our investigative approach we work closely with the national press and media, as well as the trade press. This enables our brand and website to obtain wide media coverage and raises our profile attracting even more visitors to our site. Licensed Transport Uncovered also benefits from being interactive with our readers and the trade through our Q&A forum and proactive usage of social media.


Even our advertising packages are unique

Due to the number of investigations and campaigns undertakes we rely heavily on donations and advertising revenues so we are able to reinvest into making the trade safer. We offer the opportunity for businesses to place adverts in a number of key positions across out site.

Banner adverts can be placed in our main header, next to our logo and on our main home page we have a number of locations, including sidebars which remain in view when visitors scroll through articles or pages. Finally we can also position adverts at the bottom of each articles, prior to the comments section.


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Unlike other sites we are not just after advertisers and their money. In fact, offers advertisers the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience through regular guest articles in their chosen industry. This not only enables you to promote your brand, product or service through an advert, but you also engage with the industry sharing your experience and expertise, whilst gaining informative feedback.

Finally, when readers click on an advert they are redirected to a dedicated page for your company prior to being sent to your own company website. For more information please call one of our team today.